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Lexmark+Hospitality is committed to offering inspiring and innovative carpet designs to the hospitality industry.  As a leader in hospitality carpet , we understand the importance design and color play in creating just the right look for your space.  Lexmark+Hospitality is passionate about design and offers an expansive collection of fashion-forward running line products.  Our custom design services are unsurpassed.  Lexmark+Hospitality’s experienced design team can customize a pattern specifically for your space or assist in bringing your design to life. 

Our new Adorn collection combines inspirational design, innovative textures and rich colors in a stylized collection of high performance.

The Tailored by Lexmark Collection of styles is a Line of Luxury Fashion Carpets.  These carpet styles make the leap to stand-alone high-styled statements of Fashion-on-the-Floor. Or will compliment alongside the most elegant of high-end hard surface products.

No doubt about it – kids, pets and active lifestyles can put your home’s carpet to the test and then some. At Lexmark, we want your living space to be as beautiful as it is durable. From contemporary to traditional and elegant, we have an array of colors and patterns to suit your family’s tastes and busy lifestyle.

Lexmark Unite will add a luxurious ambiance to any room.  Lexmark Unite's combination of colors and patterns work beautifully together to give a consistent style throughout the home.


Lexmark Carpet Mills offers 6 styles designed and manufactured specifically for the Trade Show Industry.  When looking for capet, look no further than Lexmark.  Lexmark Expo creates a variety of styles and colors for aisle and booth applications.  Our Solution Dyed PET and piece dyed continuous filament nylon selections are shed free, easy to clean and made to withstand heavy foot traffic.  When it comes to practical, attractive flooring for booths and aisle spaces, Lexmark has a solution to fit every need.  Contact us today and let us help you simplify your next trade show.