Announcement: Lexmark, Johnsonite, Tandus Centiva and Desso are now Tarkett. We will be transitioning to in the coming months.

Creating carpet since 1993...

Hospitality + Residential

Born from a desire to create state-of-the-art carpets for boutique and high-end hotels, Lexmark Carpet Mills, Inc. began in 1993.

Since then, Lexmark has developed to become a leading carpet manufacturer across the hospitality industry.

In 2011, we expanded to move into the residential market, creating highly customizable luxury carpets for homes across the country.

Custom colors + designs

Headquartered in Dalton, Georgia,  Lexmark's fully integrated manufacturing capabilities, state-of-the-art equipment and unsurpassed customer service have enabled rapid growth.

Within the hospitality sector, Lexmark is the largest producer of tufted broadloom carpet. And, we bring that same focus on quality, long-lasting products to our residential carpet collections...

Our Nylon

  • 1993- Lexmark is founded in September
  • 1994- Purchases 1st tufting machine
  • 1996- Purchases commission tufting operation and building
  • 1997- Builds addition and 3 twisters and 1 heat set tunnel
  • 1998- Purchases first Legacy (Colortec) machine — 1st such machine in the U.S.
  • 2001- Purchases 1st Neumag extrusion line
  • 2003- Purchases twisting and heat set operation and building
  • 2004- Builds addition and install 2nd Neumag extrusion line
  • 2006- Builds addition and install 3rd Neumag extrusion line
  • 2008- Purchases 2 Intrepid/Dynamics (scroll) tufting machines from Tuftco
  • 2009- Builds addition to put all phases of manufacturing and corporate headquarters under a single roof
  • 2011- Lexmark enters the residential market
  • 2015- Lexmark acquires Northwest Carpets
  • 2016- Purchases Vivid (I-tron Machine) and 4th Neumag extrusion line

Vertical Integration

We produce the yarn + the carpet. But what does that mean for you?

  • Significant cost savings. In-house yarn extrusion, processing, and tufting means much lower pricing for you than if we had to outsource these steps.
  • Enhanced customization. Since we create the yarn, your options aren't limited by an available stock of colors. You won't be forced to wait for products to come in, because we create them and ensure quality in every strand.
  • Industry-leading delivery speed. Our ability to produce our own yarn supply reduces the need to maintain large amounts of inventory and allows us to react quickly to produce yarns in custom and standard running line colors.