Dive into antiquity with our latest lines…

What inspired our latest lines?

For our latest Tempt Collection line, our designers took a step back — way back, to focus on who humanity used to be and what we’ve left behind.

From old manuscripts to dusty books, we found inspiration for Relic through what they deemed important enough to save.

From the gorgeous hues they used to the way patterns and pages have faded over time, we knew we wanted to recreate such a sense of vastness and appeal for Relic. We chose colors reminiscent of oxidized copper, and with each pattern, we wove in faded intricacies to create a softness, yet encourage a sense of mystery.

At Lexmark + Hospitality, we truly believe it’s the ordinarily overlooked details that can invoke a visceral response when woven together to create something extraordinary.

We hope this slideshow, filled with the images we used for inspiration, as well as some of our patterns, will leave you feeling equally inspired.